On July 1st we welcomed pastor Kelley L Pedersen to the pulpit as interim pastor.  He was born and raised in Elk Horn, IA and spent two years at Waldorf College, then attended Luther Bible Institute of Seattle.  After a couple of years back in Iowa, Pastor Kelley then worked for the ELCA in California as Director of Youth Ministry for 10 years.  From 1994-98 he attended and graduated from Luther Seminary and was ordained on August 30, 1998.  His first call in the ELCA took him to Oklahoma City, OK, followed by 17 years serving as a pastor in Nebraska.  He has served as an interim pastor for the past three years.  Pastor Kelley is looking forward to his time in Audubon.  He knows he will be very busy serving as pastor of two churches, but is looking forward to the challenge and opportunity of serving First Presbyterian and Ebenezer Lutheran Churches.